Teen Center

Our Teen Program at the Main Club Site serves 5th – 12th graders.

In order to attend, we must have a current membership form completed and the annual registration fee of $25 must be paid.

Non-members in grades 1-12 may purchase a $2.00 day pass per day.  Cash or check only for day pass purchase.

The Teen Center is an area offering teens the opportunity to spend time with friends or participate in various activities. The Club coordinates an esports team, allowing teens to participate in esports tournaments with kids from other Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the United States.
Teens can use the STEAM room to engage in STEM activities, experiments, or arts and crafts.  Teens are provided the chance to take part in volunteer opportunities both within the Club and with groups in the community.  The OST program allows teens to explore possible career opportunities through tours, classes, or presentations.
During the school year, monthly teen events are held where teens can engage in various activities, from a dance to 3 on 3 football tournaments.

By providing effective outreach and services to teens, the Boys & Girls Club of Watertown helps young people access higher education opportunities, encourages them to pursue future careers, enhances their potential quality of life, and provides them with the tools and support to become productive, responsible and caring citizens of their community, their country and world.

Contact Maria Wendte, Teen Manager, at 886-6666 or wendtem@bgcofwatertown.com