eSports League program is a competitive league where members compete against other clubs in the United States in multiple online video gaming formats and video game genres. Currently the eSports team is competing in a Super Smash Brothers League against 9 other clubs located around the country. This league is 6 weeks long, with a follow up tournament based on the league standings. Following this league the team will compete in a Brawhalla league and a Madden 23 league. Matches will be held once a week during the league with practices held twice a week.

During practice days members get a chance to watch gaming streams from the other clubs and leagues. After watching and learning from these streams members would practice and challenge each other to take a starting position in the matches each week. Each league match consists of 5 starters and 5 bench players. Team members will then compete to be put on the roster.


Being a part of a team teaches the youth to work together, collaborate, plan and strategize. As part of a team, they must be accountable to each other. Aside from playing the gaming, the members meet with the Coach each week to discuss school, maintain passing grades, and to just check in with the youth to see how they are doing.
Many colleges are now offering more scholarships based on eSports programs. Being a part of this team and competing with other clubs will help in building their college resumes to potentially help them move onto higher education. Through gamification it can provide fun and learning together.