The esports program is designed to engage members in competitive gaming while emphasizing healthy physical and mental practices. Centered around the concept of “Playing with Purpose,” participants will support their Club team, compete in popular games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros., and learn techniques for a positive player experience.

The program aims to establish team-building and communication skills, enhance in-game abilities, and provide insights into the lesser-known side of the gaming community. Participants will gain an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, the requirements for competitive gameplay, and the fundamentals of fostering a positive eSports community. Academic success is a priority, and the program aligns with the Watertown Middle School’s rules and collaboration to ensure a holistic approach to development.


Formula for Impact

Academic Success

Engaging in gaming will cultivate critical thinking skills among members. In the esports program, participants will apply strategic thinking while analyzing gameplay and devising competitive strategies to enhance their in-game performance. Embracing the ethos of “Playing with Purpose,” members will progress through the stages of starting, learning, practicing, and excelling in esports. The program aligns with our commitment to academic success, maintaining consistency with the Watertown Middle School rules and collaboration to ensure a holistic approach to development.

Good Character & Leadership

Gaming creates many opportunities to develop character and leadership, both peer to peer and member to adult. As part of the esports program, members will work as a team to improve the skills of all players. Team building will be a key element within each Club as members mentor each other through positive social interaction.

Healthy Lifestyles

A key element of the esports program is Healthy Lifestyles, both emotional and physical.

In competitive gaming, players experience various emotions, emphasizing the importance of emotional management, communication, and collaboration skills. Members will also explore escapism’s impact on game/life balance. The physical aspect is crucial for peak performance, and participants will develop a healthy approach to gaming time, practice, and enhance reaction time and eye-hand coordination.