What Makes Us Special

There are many things that set the Boys & Girls Club apart from other youth serving organizations in our community. The following are some of the biggest factors:

  • The Club is facility‐based, providing a stand-­alone Club that acts as a safe place
  • The Club is open every day after school, over school breaks and in the summer
  • The Club provides programming for only $25.00 annually per member
  • Club staff are trained, paid youth development professionals
  • The Club is open to both boys and girls from first grade through twelfth grade
  • Club programming is broad-based, falling under five core program areas: Education & Career Development; Health & Life Skills; Character & Leadership Development; The Arts; and Sports, Fitness & Recreation

In reality, there is no other entity in the Watertown community that is as well-positioned or structured as the Boys & Girls Club to undertake the transformational project of closing youth development gaps.

Boys and Girls Club of Watertown