Touch Club 101

The Torch Club is a place for Boys & Girls Club members of ages 11 to 13 to learn how to make a difference in themselves and in others lives through service, leadership, and demonstrating good character. These days younger kids may not be getting the examples and encouragement they need to become a good citizen and leader in the community, so Torch Club was created to exactly that. In the program, kids learn how to work together to plan and create activities  in four areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation.

Through these service activities, Torch Club member recognize Club and community needs, create programs and activities, and to actively participate in their community. Just these past couple months, Our Torch Club has participated in the PACH Program,  set up for the Halloween party,  and  hosted a dance party for the Club. Helping in these events they get to have fun, learn how to help others, meet new people, and become apart of the community.

Torch Club members also take part in educational activities that focus on personal development. These activities develop their social skills , problem-solving, communications, goal-setting and decision-making skills. The objective is to have teens develop a moral compass and value qualities such as honesty, justice, fairness and respect for self and others.