C.A.T. Program

C.A.T. (Club Against Tobacco) is a program provided for 3rd-7th grade youth at the Boys & Girls Club. At an early age, our Club members learn the negative effects of tobacco and learn how to avoid these products in the future.

Did you know it takes 48 hours for smell and taste to improve once all the nicotine leaves the body? This is just one of the facts youth members learn in our C.A.T. Program. Through role playing and games our Club members learn to say “no thanks”. “We equip youth with the tools to say ‘no’ if presented with these negative situations in the future,” explains Kyle Thyen, Director of Program Services at the Boys & Girls Club of Watertown.

The program consists of six 2-hour sessions which includes hands-on activities, role playing, experiments, and incentives along the way. Once members have completed their 12-hours, they celebrate with an interactive game of Jeopardy and a pizza party. The program is hosted throughout the school year and runs in conjunction with the national “Kick Butts Day” which takes place on March 15th this year.

Programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Watertown are certainly more prevention based than they have been throughout our 40 year history in the community. Our organization wants to set our youth up today for a greater future by showing them healthy choices today, rather than correcting it in the future.