BGC of Watertown Announces Leadership Team Expansion

Louis Canfield, Director of Youth Diversion

Louis Canfield has been named the Director of Youth Diversion following his service as the Director of Operations. Canfield will be responsible for the management of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) in Codington County including case management services, the Teen Court program and will provide resources and referrals to youth offenders.  In this collaborative role with numerous community partners, the goal is to objectively identify the least restrictive next step available for youth members and ensure an effective and efficient juvenile justice system.  He will also oversee prevention and behavioral health programs to educate youth and assist with mental health concerns, decision making and critical thinking skills.

Canfield will lead a new service line for us here at the Club. This pro-active approach will ensure that we are providing services encompassing the whole child, which means prioritizing the full scope of a child’s developmental needs. His 18-year tenure with the organization and solid relationships within the community has prepared him to serve in this enhanced capacity.

Brittany Foyt, Director of Operations

Brittany Foyt has been promoted to the Director of Operations for the organization which will oversee the operations at 9 service locations in Watertown, including programming and personnel leadership, facility operations and food service management. Foyt has been a staff member for the organization for 14 years and was the Director of the Kidscope and Arrow Prep programs.

Foyt’s experience in program and staff development will be key to her success in this new role. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge on youth development strategies and staff engagement and how to intertwine the two, so that our youth have an optimal experience while participating in our programs. Foyt will also be responsible for innovative technology solutions and safety initiatives including training, member safety and emergency procedures.

Kelly Jaderborg