Key Elements of Youth Development
We are guided by our 5 key Elements of Youth Development.

  • Safe, Positive Environment – The Club should be an age-appropriate place of physical and emotional safety and stability for our Club members where they have structure and clearly defined boundaries.
  • Fun – The Club should be a place where youth can build strong, positive connections with adult role models and their peers. Staff members make the Club feel like a home where the members can be free to be themselves and enjoy being kids.
  • Supportive Relationships – The Club youth should develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. Staff members display warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance, and guidance with members.
  • Opportunities and Expectations – Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic, and life skills at the Club. Staff members encourage members to develop a moral character and reinforce high expectations.
  • Recognition – Club staff members recognize and support youth’s self-worth and accomplishments. The Club showcases members’ achievements on a regular basis.

With these 5 elements and our mission statement in hand, we work to ensure that every youth entering our buildings feels like they belong, that they are useful, that they have a voice we will listen to, and that they are competent in their life endeavors.  Boys & Girls Clubs are unique places for kids and teens in that they are building centered, they are safe and affordable for all young people all year long, and the Club is lead by well-trained youth development professionals with a passion for serving youth.