Opening Doors Capital Campaign

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Opening Doors Campaign is a big success for the Boys & Girls Club
August 31, 2016
The Boys & Girls Club of Watertown announces that they have surpassed their original capital campaign goal of $3.5 million by raising $4.1 million to support their construction project and endowment fund.

“From our businesses to individuals, everyone understands the importance of investing in the kids of our community. Our campaign has been a huge success so far, but we do have some more work to do,” says Jodi Driscoll, who chaired the Opening Doors Capital Campaign. According to Driscoll, in order to complete the entire project, the Club will continue to raise funds in November and December of this year. For added efficiency, costs savings and safety, the Club hopes to complete the construction, the parking lot reconfiguration and outdoor recreation space, purchase furnishings and equipment, and continue to fund the endowment all at once.

The project will vastly transform the Main Site facility with the addition of approximately 25,000 square feet, which will soon be vacated by the Watertown Community Recreation Center. The renovated Boys & Girls Club facility will feature a state-of-the-art teen center, commercial kitchen with expanded dining, technology center, social recreation room, cultural arts and craft center, education center, early childhood learning center, and an outdoor playground. The endowment fund of the Boys & Girls Club has also grown as a result of the campaign.

“It has been an honor to share with many community supporters a vision and aspiration for the future of the Boys & Girls Club of Watertown. Many people have recognized the role the Club plays in Watertown and have stepped up and opened their hands and hearts to us through giving of their time, talents and financial support,” said Liz Christianson, Executive Director. The capital campaign project brought together over 100 community volunteers who helped in the planning process, created marketing materials, or completed solicitations.

Today, the Boys & Girls Club of Watertown serves an average of 400 young people daily, says Christianson. “Our vision is to provide a world-class Club experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who walks through our doors, with all members having a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our youth deserve the best we have to offer.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Watertown’s Board of Directors President, Tom Engebretson looks forward to very exciting opportunities for the Club, “We all wish for bright, successful and happy futures for all the children that pass through the doors of the Boys & Girls Club. This is another example of the outstanding generosity of the Watertown area”, says Engebretson. “The Club as you know it today will be completely transformed to better serve our youth.”

The Boys & Girls Club will begin building renovations in the summer 2017. The organization plans on relocating the Main Club Site operations to Garfield Elementary during construction. The renovations are planned to be completed in the summer of 2018.

Our Club. Our Community.

The capital campaign project will vastly transform the Main Club Facility with the addition of approximately 25,000 square feet, which will soon be vacated by the Watertown Community Recreation Center.

Our 3.5 million dollar project will focus on:

  • Safety

    Enhanced facility safety with lock-down functions. A dedicated lobby area which will include a coat and backpack storage area. Efficient check-ins and check-outs for our youth members

  • Expansion

    Re-organized and expanded program activity space will provide positive interactions and enriching programs.

  • Sustainability

    The growth of an endowment fund will ensure organizational sustainability to continue serving children into the next generation and beyond.