A Storybook Summer!

Can you believe it’s almost Summer? Neither can we, but we have been busy coming up with great summer programs to keep kids active and learning the whole time. Our summer theme this year is: “Storybook Land” each week we will highlight a new genre and book theme. May 30th – June 2nd will be travel where we will be focusing on things like journals and maps. June 5th – 9th we will focus on Health with activities such as gardening, cooking and sports. June 12th – 16th we will dive into fairy Tales. The week of June 19th – 23rd will be filled with mystery. June 26th – 30th will explore science fiction. July 3rd – 7th we will find out how the West was won by discovering the best in westerns. We will laugh our way through July 10th – 14th with a focus on comics. To be or not to be coming to the Club on July 17th – 21st because this week we will learn about the Classics and focus on Theatre. Don’t be too afraid to the come to the Club July 24th – 28th because this week we will have some fun with the horror genre. July 31st – Aug. 4th will bring us on many adventures as we make our own action & adventure. Finally, our last week of Summer, Aug. 7th – 11th we will focus on great series of books like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narina, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s going to be a great summer!

Here are some special dates to note regarding the Boys & Girls Club Summer Schedule: 
Thursday, May 25th: The Boys & Girls Club Main Site will be open for the Watertown School District’s Early Dismissal Day
May 26th-May 29th: All Boys & Girls Club Programs will be Closed.
Tuesday, May 30th: All Summer Programs Begin!
Friday, June 23rd: Retirement Celebration for Linda Schoepp at the Elk’s 5:30pm.
July 3rd and 4th: All Programs are CLOSED.
July 18th and 19th: Tackle Football Registration Nights for in-coming 5th and 6th graders.
Friday, August 11th: Last Day of Summer Programs for Kidscope and The Boys & Girls Main Site
August 14th-23rd: The Boys & Girls Club Main will be Closed while moving to our temporary location, Garfield Elementary.